Saturday, September 25, 2010


I met her couple of years back. I was hesitant to be friends with her at first. I was acquainted with couple of her cousin sisters and was more interested in them. But there was some special bond between us. I still remember the first date. It went very well. I was very shy and didn’t open up in the beginning, but she probably knew instinctively how to get me talking. I was thinking about her all night and even next day. Experienced people told me that it is ‘normal’ and it happens to everyone. I had really enjoyed the first date and was very keen to know her better but there were relationship gurus everywhere giving me gyaan on ‘how to take it slowly’ and ‘not to scare her away’. But I knew that this relationship was something special and as always I will make my own rules rather than trusting and accepting the norms.
The disappointing part was that couple of my best friends were not really impressed by this relationship. They tried hard to convince me that this relationship won’t take me anywhere. Her big brother is a cool guy and was very happy to see us together. But my friends even hated my friendship with him and basically wanted to keep me away from the entire family. The worst thing happened on eve of New Year when couple of friends of mine, she and I had gone out. I could see that she was trying hard to clear the misunderstandings but my friends were very stubborn. It was one of the very rare moments when I saw her sad and depressed. This incident however, made our relationship stronger. My friends eventually gave up for sake of our friendship but were still advising me to take it slowly.
A year later, I was selected in one of the prestigious MBA institutes in country and had to leave job and the city. When I told her, she immediately said, “I will accompany you; I promise I won’t be much trouble.” I checked with some people who had studied there and they told me that it is perfectly possible to take her with me. I was very happy. The first year was fun and we did many wild things together. A small private detail: she really goes down very well. It is an art and she is a master. Gradually, we have settled into a more mature relationship, but the fun and crazy part is still there.
The best part about her is that she brings out the best in me and she also brings out the worst in me. I can share any problem with her and amazingly, she has solution for every problem. No matter how many different professional streams I have selected or will select, at heart I will always be a philosopher and she has been a major reason behind this.
Of late, I am reconsidering our relationship. It hurts to even think about it, but I thought probably it is for greater good of both of us. When I shared this with her, she laughed. She was not at all angry. Probably she is too sure that I won’t do so or probably she doesn’t believe in the shallow concept of ‘break-ups’ and believes in the age old concept of ‘made for each other.’
I am relieved. I too have stopped thinking too far in future and instead concentrate on enjoying our time together. There is no one like her on this earth. When she is around, she is the world for me. She is my lovely Scotch whiskey.


  1. hahaha....whatte twist!
    yeah, dont ever leave her...she is dis one sedative dat becums essential for survival after a while, no?
    too bad for me dat every drink just tastes like medicine to me...but such a life partner you'll be the biggest DUMB FREAK to lose :P

  2. awesome....pretty nice twist..though knowing u a little by my experience..i guessed this half way through the blog ;-)

  3. @Dandelion
    haaha.... thanks.... no, I won't leave her :)

    thanks.... glad tht suspense was there till half way at least :)

  4. the moment u said "she goes down very well", i read the last line ;)

  5. chalo lets meet her again smtime.. and more frequently from now on..

  6. @Meet
    :) :)

    yeah, she went on a vacation but she is back now :D

  7. MAn love this one.. I hope u agree with me on the fact that more we share the better it goes down :)

  8. Thanks Anukul.... actually we think that we are sharing but everyone has his own :D

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  10. superb !!!!!!
    n predictive for those who know u :)

  11. wild things...goes down very well!!!!!

    i, unlike ashu or meet, had no clue and was thinking that it was just a piece of fiction.

    what a twist!!

  12. Nice one bhai, Thoda samajh me aa raha tha, but still a nice piece of work.

  13. nice one... but ye cousins n brother kon tha

  14. @Ishan
    cousins are wine, champagne etc. Brother is beer :D


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