Thursday, March 11, 2010

The first ever

After much procrastination, I have finally decided to scribble something. Though My blog came into existence in Aug 2009, till today it was just making up the numbers and was 1/112,000,000th part of the blog sea (Please note that the number 112,000,000 is not random, Wikipedia says so). But my best buddy ‘lazy Kunal’ wasn’t the only one responsible for this delay. As MBAs are supposed to tackle every problem analytically I will attempt to do so and identify the ‘root cause’ of this delay. Though the exact details are unknown, the birth story of this blog (probably) is as follows: -

After a particular Gango quiz ‘innocent Kunal’ was brutally made to realize that he has entered wrong field. ‘IDGAD (I don’t give a damn) Kunal’ took him to El top for ‘a drink or two’ along with few devils from BM-A, XLRI who later went on to become ‘old monks’. ‘Cry baby Kunal’ also accompanied, as he was facing some personal (love etc kind of) problems in his life. (I hate this guy, cry-baby Kunal…he is good for nothing :@). ‘A drink or two’ became ‘double digit’ figure and as per the norms, ‘important topics’ were discussed. That is exactly when ‘creative Kunal’ started hovering around like ‘green fairy’ and suggested fellow kunals to write down their thoughts. ‘Innocent Kunal’, who was sitting awkwardly through the ordeal jumped on the idea, went to his room, ‘googled’ on ‘how to write’ (silly guy) and started following the steps. ‘SAIL (sarcastic and irony loving) Kunal’ who has the habit of being at wrong place at wrong time suggested names such as born individualistic and perplexed omniscient. ‘Innocent kunal’, who was always perplexed, didn’t get the irony and proceeded with the suggestion and that’s how the blog was born.

Though the blog was created there was obvious lack of knowledge on blogging. Few of the doubts faced by ‘innocent kunal’ were:

1) What exactly is my blog name? Born individualist or perplexed omniscient?

2) Weblog was geeky. Why was it changed to ‘blog’? What in the name of God was Mr. Peter Merholz (guy who coined the term ‘blog’) thinking?

3) If I write something ‘quality’, is it copyright protected?

4) Is blogging considered social or anti-social?

Amidst this entire furore, ‘Reddevil Kunal’ was watching these proceedings as if it was a farce. His only condition was, mention the words ‘Manchester United FC’ in every post else I will burn the laptop. All other kunals feared this thinly built psycho and agreed to his condition. The initial euphoria waned and there was no activity till March when thanks to two ‘writing enthusiasts’ at XLRI, Kunal Corp. Pvt. Ltd was back and this post was created.

I ‘wikied’ to learn more about blogs. The history of blogs is really fascinating. One thing which it has surely done is to get people back to writing. Earlier people used to maintain diaries, which later provided their own reflections. Blogs are in a way analogous to writing diaries. What started as people expressing personal views/comments on issues/incidents/events later expanded in scope. Corporate blogs came on the scene, and were used both as marketing as well as PR tool. Jokers from film industry jumped on the bandwagon; a so called perfectionist provided valuable information to the world by comparing his rival to dog and thus personifying hypocrisy. People were soon taking sides, but in the end the choice was opting for lesser evil. I had better things to do in life and hence ignored the frenzy.

On adapter-diffusion cycle I will lie in ‘laggards’ region but as far as writing is concerned I guess the old adage, ‘better late than never’ holds true. Apart from my favourite hobby (i.e. doing nothing), my first hobby was writing. The adage ‘Pen is mightier than sword’ was my favourite. (Probably because I was too weak to hold a sword, pen was any day lighter) I remember I wrote a film script at the age of 8. The plot had no heroine as I was too shy. Narration of a village trip at age 9 followed which was widely acclaimed (mostly by mom and dad that is and few close relatives and neighbours). The simple but creative Kunal got lost somewhere in rat race, unwillingly.

This blog provides the opportunity to get back the 8 yr old Kunal. Apart from random stories like above, this blog will be used as a platform to put forward my philosophical views which will be my tribute to Ayn Rand and sometimes provide ‘expert’ analysis on football which will be a tribute to the beautiful game in general and Manchester United FC in particular. (Reddevil Kunal, I have mentioned the name, please don’t burn my laptop).

All the members of Kunal corp. Pvt Ltd. thank you for spending time in reading this post.

P.S: The post name is tribute to the sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


  1. One word - Awesome!

    If this was the post this post had to start with, it was worth the wait! Will love to c more of the escapades of Kunals in time to come.

    The 'SAIL Kunal' bit was extraordinary!!

    Entry with a bang!

  2. awesome bhaji.. bhai maza aa gaya... usually i don't comment on such blogs.. they are too long for me to reach the end.. but aapne to gazab likha hai bhai.. i am inspired but main kya karun mere chhote chhote hath hain to write ;)
    anyways CHEERS to u nd ur writing strt..

  3. awesome budhao!! keep going...this blog goes to my bookmarks :)

  4. good one yaar..mazaa aa gaya padh ke

  5. "Lazy Kunal" you should start it before.
    awesome !!!!! Keep it up :)

  6. kya ye baat hai!!... kshitij sir ke slang me .. gud hai bhai :)

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  8. Bhai meri ek baat soon (Shikari please don't kill me for using ur trademark statement), tune to badhiya likha hain yaar. Great job buddy.Looking fwd to many more blogs from u. Red devil ki jai ho......

  9. Open Quotes - His only condition was, mention the words ‘Manchester United FC’ in every post else I will burn the laptop. - Close Quotes


    Nice One Budhau. *Like!*

  10. Sir aap to chupe rustam nikle... Amazing first post.. :)

  11. IDGAD(I Don't Give A Damn) = So typical of a Punekar Kunal !!
    U forgot to mention this facet of yours, Kunal(U will not accept it, though) !!
    The blog is having that typically sarcastic tone that is expected from u... :)
    Thanks for the enjoyment !!
    Keep writing .. Keep Smiling.. Keep Blogging..

  12. Good read- keep up the good work LAZY KUNAL

  13. Lage raho kunal bhai.. great first attempt!!

  14. excellent sir.......... in fact brilliant.

  15. Mast likha hai....... awesome!!!

  16. who says creative kunal got lost? :) I've seen glimpses of him many a times...just that sarcastic Kunal got the better of him mostly... Any ways, great start. Keep posting keep blogging!! Expect more witty and creative punches from you!!!


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